FIRSTLY, don’t aim for perfection – it doesn’t exist! 

There is NO single perfect English accent, in fact there are over 40 different dialects in the United Kingdom alone. Different accents are NORMAL, even if they are foreign, don’t waste time on trying to get rid of it.

TIP 1: Talk, Talk and Talk some more!

So many students of the English language spend time studying books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts and fail to spend enough time actually speaking – take every opportunity to practice speaking even if its not grammatically correct. A fantastic way to improve is to set yourself a 30 day challenge – record yourself speaking English each day for 30 days, and watch yourself back after each day to look at areas you could improve, you will be amazed at the progress that you will make in just 30 days!

TIP 2: Imitation is a GOOD thing and it can be fun!

Pick an English actor, YouTuber or podcaster and in short sentences repeat what they say and try to copy their accent and pronunciation – this is REALLY helpful in improving pronunciation and you should be able to laugh at yourself and have fun whilst doing it!

TIP 3: Read English poetry

Find a short English poem and read it out loud, at first you may hesitate, or have trouble pronouncing certain words or sounds, but you will almost certainly improve. Use small poems to start with and gradually move onto longer and more complicated material.

Tip – try and use some relatively new English poetry, the English language will be more current and much less confusing than poems written in “old English language” which is challenging even to native speakers!!

TIP 4: Popular songs and music

A huge proportion of global music uses the English language, this gives you the perfect opportunity to learn the lyrics of a song and read them out load OR if you are brave enough try singing them (😊) – this will not only improve pronunciation but also intonation.

TIP 5: TV series can be helpful BUT…..

TV series include many different accents, dialects and slang words, it can be a huge challenge for an English language learner, but still, TV can be helpful – we would recommend listening to news reports, which are often spoken in a clear tone, at an intermediate speed and without jargon or slang – an excellent way to help pronunciation and learn more about what is happening in the United Kingdom.

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