About Us

Welcome to the UK Language Academy!

We are CELTA qualified, native speaking, experienced English language teachers, who love to help our students make fast progress in reading, writing and speaking.

Whether you are learning English for work, personal development, holidays or just for your enjoyment, our  language lessons are fun, supportive and interesting.

We don’t bore our students with pages and pages from textbooks, we teach using;

Radio programmes   TV series   Newspapers & magazines   Songs & poems   English games   Books

For beginners and lower intermediate levels, start with our basic language videos, teaching you the essentials of the English language in a slow and clear way. Improve your knowledge of verbs, adjectives, language structures and the native English language using our resources.

Our Premium Live + members benefit from live teaching lessons.

For upper intermediate  and advanced students, use our language videos which are at a perfect speed for this level. Our native newspaper, radio and TV series, reviews and challenges will really help to progress your vocabulary and understanding of the native English language.

 Our Premium Live + members benefit from live teaching lessons.

Why not become a part of the UK Language Academy today? Progress your English language skills in a fun and supportive environmentwe look forward to seeing you soon!